Pricing Our Program

Pricing & Details

Sessions are offered in these three group choices:

Regular Sessions

Fall & Spring 
Your child will attend class Sundays for six weeks.
6 classes / session

Summer Sessions

July 2023
Short but sweet, Summer Sessions are half the time of our regular ones. Your child will attend class Sundays for three weeks. 
3 classes / session

Winter Sessions

3 Weekend Sessions
Three weekends in winter, Your child can attend class on Saturday, and you can join us on Sunday! 
2 classes / session

Pricing by Rates

Since we provide multiple ways to pay, we break down our rates by the class for you. 
and each group as described above is priced by the session in the pay options listed below. 

I could use some assistance


Sliding Scale rate

Determined together.
Let's not let financial barriers be barriers.
- - -
Make sure to check the
box for "Sliding Scale
Consult" in Registration!

I've got a stable income


Family rate, per class

These are our base prices.
We do our best to keep it low & pay our teachers well.
- - -
Regular $371.28 / session
Summer $185.64 / session
Winter $123.76 / session

I've got more than enough


Community Donor rate, per class

Make a contribution.
The extra you pay goes to our Mutual Aid Fund.
-  -  -
Regular $423.26 / session
Summer $211.63 / session
Winter $141.08 / session

Seasonal Discounts

Sign up early and for multiple sessions to take full advantage! Here are some descriptions of our current discounts. 


Receive a 5% discount on total enrollment fees if you sign-up during the pre-registration period. Registration starts five Mondays before each session begins. For example, Fall Session begins on Sunday, October 10th, with registration beginning on Monday, September 6th; pre-registration is anytime before September 6th.


Receive a 10% discount on your total enrollment price when you sign up for more than one session at a time. Maybe you already know your kiddo wants to be at LNCS all through the seasons, and you want to get ahead of the curve! This discount also includes when you sign up more than one child at a time, even if it’s just for one session.

Registration & Fees

First you register, then you enroll. 

Our $75 non-refundable registration fee saves your child's spot. Once you register, the enrollment process begins. 

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