Where We Are is Who We Are

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Distant Hill Gardens has graciously welcomed us onto their land that straddles the towns of Walpole and Alstead, where LNCS will continue to learn and teach about our human and ecological relationships in place.

Welcome to Distant Hill Gardens Nature Trail

LNCS understands that we occupy these lands as guests not only to Distant Hill Gardens, but to the Abenaki community, People of the Dawnland. We honor and respect the Elders and community members of the Abenaki and greater Wabanaki Confederacy that continue to survive the generational legacies of violent land dispossession, genocide and ethnocide in the northeast where LNCS makes our home. We bear witness to this as it continues into the present: as recently as 2011, Keene Middle School proceeded to build on top of an ancient Abenaki heritage site, one of the oldest known in the northeast. As descendants and beneficiaries of those who wrongfully participated in such poor community engagement that still continues today, we wish to begin and maintain dialogue appropriate for repair. 

If you are interested in learning more about the territories, languages, and treaties of traditional indigenous lands, check out this awesome project at https://native-land.ca/

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Celebrate Joy!

Balance is important, so let's cherish joy as much as we attend grief. There are many great opportunities in the region to support and engage with Abenaki and Wabanaki communities that celebrate their unique heritage! Here are some below.  

Check out one of many of Western Abenaki Language's excellent videos. Here's one:


Distant Hill Gardens Nature Trail 66 March Hill Rd
Alstead, NH